A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown is widely recognized as “the world’s most disciplined option trader.” He has been actively trading options for more than 21 years and has published daily insights for his program participants every single night, 5-days a week, since 2002. In 2003 he started his investing education company, Trading Trainer, to share his best practices with the world. At the same time, A.J. successfully instructed nine inner-city gang-bangers at a public library in Aurora, Colorado, on how to invest for success. That was the beginning of A.J.’s journey, which has developed into his real passion; helping kids “Break the Poverty Cycle Through the Education of Money.” A.J.’s non-profit foundation has grown every year since 2003, and last year had 170 graduates from the south side of Chicago. If A.J. can successfully teach inner-city gang-bangers with little education, how to create income through investing, there is a good chance he has some knowledge he can instill on us, too.


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